Vimfest October 2015

Time: Saturday, Oct 10, 2015, 10 AM


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Vimfest Berlin 2015 is the first community-driven VimHackathon”, happening the weekend of 10 – 11 October at ThoughtWorks in Berlin, organized by the Vim Berlin user group and Vim enthusiasts from other cities.

We will spend the whole weekend on topics around the popular editor, such as: efficient ways of writing with Vim. Setting up .vimrc. Using plugins that rock, and writing plugins that rock. And also: other useful tools with vim keybindings, like mutt or newsbeuter. What ever you’re interested in: Vimfest Berlin is an open space, everything is up to you!

So don’t hesitate, and save the date: 10 – 11 October in Berlin: Be with us and join the very first Vimfest – try, learn and talk about the editor we all love.

Ain’t enough? Wait, there’s more.

Berlin is a great place that has a lot to offer. Once having many Vim lovers and interested people united at one place, we’ll use the opportunity and, guided by our locals, go find some of the most interesting buffers of Berlin and celebrate Vim a bit at Saturday night.

Matthias Günther and Tim Quellmalz


We got a confirmation from ThoughtWorks and are happy to announce they’ll host our weekend for free! Here is the location:

Venues for Saturday night to be announced. Watch @vimberlin for updates.


Here is the rough agenda:

  • present the projects to work on,
  • jump into the projects,
  • present learnings and results.

There is enough time to chat, relax in the garden and socialize with other people. We will have drinks, wifi, a beamer - you can bring our own food there (there is a small cuisine), restaurants are around the corner.

The best way to get things done is to sit together and work on things with a limited amount of time. No time pressure or will to reach a goal - explore and try out new things. Let’s have a great time together! Let’s have a great time together!



Ideas for Vim sessions so far:

  • Vim for Newbies

  • Plugin showcase: everyone giving a brief description of plugins used and their purpose, experience and value + ad hoc sessions on plugins others are especially interested in

  • VimL first steps: a rough overview for getting into vim plugin development

  • Issues: an occasion for helping each other fixing current issues with their setups

  • @wikimatze

  • @tqmz

    • Tim on Vim w/ Zim (and more wiki-like stuff)
  • @koehr

w/ Vim Keybindings


Want to contribute to making Vimfest Berlin a great event?

Add your own topics here, and see vimfest-org for the organizational aspects.


  • Mail: vimberlin / gmail
  • IRC: Freenode #vimberlin
  • Twitter: @vimberlin