November 2015 Meetup

Time: Thursday, Nov 19, 2015, 7 PM


We will talk about using vim with screen window manager and tmux. This meetup will exchange workflows, shortcuts and the setup of your dotfiles. Please bring your laptop with you, so that we can hack together.


  • internet:
    • connect to the local wifi (“LAUNCH/CO”);
    • start your browser.. and wait.. for the login page..
    • enter the user+pass for this event (see whiteboard)
  • projector:
    • it didnt recognize the laptops with VGA. :-(
    • bring a VGA extension cable next time.
    • the HDMI failed once in a while.. loose connection? overheating?
  • room:
    • we had been seven persons. there was maybe room for one more person.
    • then it gets awkward. definitely not enough space for 20 people.
  • drinks: club-mate for 1,00€ :)

Richard “oracle2025” Spindler

Matthias “wikimatze” Günther


“uses the mouse” ;)

Christian “wellle” Wellenbrock

Sven Guckes

screen: some remarks:

  • screen+tmux: keep programs running
  • terminology:
    • screen: windows with regions
    • tmux: windows with panes
  • splitting: horizontal und vertikal
    • screen: global layout
    • tmux: each window can have different panes
  • useful shell aliases:

    alias   \\?='screen -ls'
    alias   \\!='screen -r'
    alias    x='screen -x'
  • screen: starting sessions with config files

    screen -c $file
    alias WORK='screen           -m -c ~/'
    alias COMM='screen -t COMM 9 -m -c ~/.screenrc.comm'
    -> ":source" allows splitting of config files
    (shells, mutt and vim allows this, too=
  • bindings: allows to start programs and webpages easily (zB htop, imdb, mtr, mutt,vim; web: dict,google,imdbhj)

other tools:


  • screen: backlog search with patterns? -> tmux+copycat!
  • tmux: does it have a zombie mode?
  • vim: tab management. “jump to tab with ‘foo’ in its name” - possible?
  • vim: how do you handle empty/new buffers?
    • eg “list all buffers without a file”



Christian: - tmux: allow naming of panes/windows with letters (instead of numbers)

Sven: - CryoPID: “A Process Freezer for Linux” - CryoPID can move your running Linux programs from one computer to another. has anyone used this yet? - reptyr: “Tool for moving running programs between ptys” - feh: “image viewer and cataloguer”

bilder sortieren per key bindings -> actions
parameter: --action1 .. --action9
action1:    save pictures to subdir1 (good -> keep)
action2:    save pictures to subdir2 (bad  -> keep for now)
action3:    save pictures to subdir3 (ugly -> to be deleted)
  • screen: use case embedded device -> Bjoern Buerger
  • mutt+vim: colouring/farben
  • tmux: use extra pane to show key input (four/five lines)
  • vim: running several instances on the same files (swapfile issues)
  • vim: compare nerdtree to Explore to vimnegar(?)

Thanks to Sven Guckes for writing the notes.