May 2019 Meetup

Time: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 7 PM


we’re back. Come and join us for the March 2019 meetup, Interested? We are always interested in short-talks, longer talks as well as presentations about what you’ve learned. Post your proposals under


The venue

  • internet: yes. cable+wifi
  • projector: 2 projectors. (VGA+HDMI), if you have a Mac, don’t forget your adapters and/or install
    • room: 15 people
    • drinks: fridge with drinks. 1€ each.

Bring your laptops - and join the fun! And show us your use with Vim! Be brief.. 5min for each presentation. We are open to any kind of questions and suggestions.

Your host will be Sven Guckes (@guckes) & Matthias Guenther (@wikimatze)”)

See you there!


Video about the talk “Flog, a New Git Branch extension” by @wikimatze

Video about the talk “Vimb a vim-like browser” by @danleech

Video about the talk “dwim, vim-dadbod, and firenvim” part one by @justinmk

Video about the talk “veonim, oni2, wildoptions=pum, and floats” part two by @justinmk

Video about the talk “floats and latest Neovim features” part tree by @justinmk

Video about the latest vim news by @wikimatze

Other things and tools mentioned: