May 2012 Meetup

Time: Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 8 PM
Location: LAUNCH/CO 3rd floor , Warschauer Str. 70A , 10243 Berlin (map)

We currently have two talks on our agenda:

  • “Notes - is there a best plugin” Matthias Günther feat. Stefan Otte “vim-orgmode”
  • “Vim - Precision editing at the speed of thought” Drew Neill

The rest will be some ad hoc and lightning talk style presentations about all things Vim. We count on your participation.

If you want to add something, have any questions, or want to propose your talk, please feel free to post a short message to the mailing list.


Thanks to LAUNCH/CO for hosting the event.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Gregor Schmidt


Thanks for the countless coming, thanks for LAUNCH/CO for giving us space, and thanks for the speakers Matthias, Stefan, and Drew for the various presentations.

You can find the slides of Matthias Günthers talk “Notes - is there a best plugin?” at Speakerdeck. Stefan Otte’s talk about “vim-orgmode” was an additional talk about note taking with vim-orgmode. Drew Neil gave a very interesting talk about “Vim - Precision editing at the speed of thought” which he gave on the SourceDevCon 2012, and showed the Vim hackers how work more with text object, and motions.

We are sad to hear that Drew will leave Berlin and that our future meetups will be without him - we wish you all the best in England, and with his book Practical Vim.

Thanks for coming and making vimberlin happen. I’ve had great fun and learned a lot. I hope to see you all in May.

Matthias Günther