March 2012 Meetup

Time: Thursday, Mar 22, 2012, 8 PM
Location: LAUNCH/CO 3rd floor , Warschauer Str. 70A , 10243 Berlin (map)

We currently have two talks on our agenda:

  • “Lessons learned with Vimscript” Matthias Günther
  • “From rails.vim to dbext.vim” Matthias Viehweger

The rest will be some ad hoc and lightning talk style presentations about all things Vim. We count on your participation.

If you want to add something, have any questions, or want to propose your talk, please feel free to post a short message to the mailing list.


Thanks to LAUNCH/CO for hosting the event.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Gregor Schmidt


First of all: Thank you all for coming, thanks to the two Matthiases for preparing and giving a talk and thanks to LAUNCH/CO for having us.

The slides of Matthias Günther’s talk “Lessons learned with Vimscript” may be found at Speakerdeck. Matthias Viehweger’s talk was more ad-hoc a.k.a. lightning talk style, and he did not use slides. So if you are interested in his introduction to rails.vim and the Vim dbext plugin you need to ask him in person.

We’ve again had lots of interesting discussions about folding, navigation and other Vim best practices. In this context Matthias Günther mentioned his tocdown plugin, Drew Neil mentioned his syntax highlighting for Markdown, the vimoutliner and gave a quick explanation why he favors the default netrw file browser over plugins like NERDtree.

We will meet again on May 24th, 8 p.m. at the LAUNCH/CO coworking space. We would be glad, if you send talk proposals the mailing list.

I encourage you to send pull request to the vimberlin GitHub repository and add anything, that I might have missed. Again, thanks for coming and making vimberlin happen. I’ve had great fun and learned a lot. I hope to see you all in May.

Gregor Schmidt