January 2015 Meetup

Time: Starts 22 January 7:00 pm
Location: ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Berlin U2 Senefelder Platz / M2 Knaackstr. HH (Remise) 1. OG , Mülhauser Str. 6 , 10405 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg (map)


  • "Git and Vim - maximize the joy and fun" by Matthias Günther
    Follow me through my travel exploring the way to get Vim and Git running in a friendly coexistence.
  • "Switch.vim and clever regexes" by Andrew Radev
    I'll talk a bit about my "switch" plugin, why I made it and why I think it's a useful tool, even if it is a bit simple. I'll show you some of the clever regexes I've used in it (that you might not know about), and I'll ask you for feedback on how to make the plugin even better :)

Vim News

Andrew will share the latest news about Vim and other parts of it.


Git and Vim

Here are the slides of the talk:


Vim news

Ideas for next time

  • Some time for discussion and helping newbies out?
  • Tools for ruby and rails development?


ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Berlin

Thanks to ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Berlin for hosting this event.

Matthias Günther