February 2015 Meetup

Time: Thursday, Feb 19, 2015, 7 PM


  • “Vim Plug - my favorite plugin manager” by Matthias Günther
    In our January 2015 Meetup we talked about the way to use plugin managers for Vim. I will go through vim-plug and tell you why it’s the best plugin manager for vim in the world.
  • “Configure Vim with Nix” by Rok Garbas

Open Topics

We are going to take time to answer questions related to vim - feel free to prepare them.

Beside we will have an open discussions about tools for Ruby and Rails development.


Vim Plug - my favorite plugin manager

The slides of the talk:

Highlighting SQL in heredoc parts in Ruby

All credit for this goes to AndrewRadev:

let s:bcs = b:current_syntax
unlet b:current_syntax
syntax include @SQL syntax/sql.vim
let b:current_syntax = s:bcs

" match optional, surrounding single or double quote and any whitespace in the heredoc name
syntax region rubyHereDocSQL matchgroup=rubyOperator start=+<<-\?\(['"]\?\)\z(\s*SQL\s*\)\1+ end=+^\s*\z1$+ contains=@SQL

It’s the best to put this in after/syntax/ruby.vim


This removes all mapping when you are in Select mode (used for) - very handy for snippet completion. Put this option in after/plugin/smapclear.vim. Thanks AndrewRadev for this tip.

Matthias Günther