May 2013 Meetup

Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 8 PM
Location: LAUNCH/CO 3rd floor , Warschauer Str. 70A , 10243 Berlin (map)

We currently have two talks on our agenda:

  • "Multiediting"
    Since Sublime Text became popular, a lot of people have been trying to replicate its "multiple cursors" functionality in Vim. Fortunately for us Vim-users, our editor doesn't really need this, since we have built-in ways to achieve pretty much the same results. Still, I believe the multi-edit plugins have some interesting properties and I want to demonstrate them and some of their benefits and drawbacks. I'll also talk about :substitute, :global and the dot mapping and share some tips and tricks that make them a simple alternative to multiple cursors. I'll finish up with demos of some of my own hacky experiments on this topic.
    Andrew Radev
  • "Architecture of my Vim environment"
    Matthias Günther
  • "Mercury plugin: execute any fragment of code directly from vim"
    Niels Madan

If you want to add something, have any questions, or want to propose your talk, please feel free to post a short message to the mailing list.


Thanks to LAUNCH/CO for hosting the event.

Matthias Günther


After a three month break it was great to see so many new faces and that our community is growing slowly.

We recorded two of the three talks:

“Multiediting” (@andrewradev) from wikimatze on Vimeo.

Mercury plugin: execute any fragment of code directly from vim (@nielsmadan) from wikimatze on Vimeo.

Matthias Günther