May 2013 Meetup

Time: Starts 28 May 7:00 pm
Location: LAUNCH/CO 3rd floor , Warschauer Str. 70A , 10243 Berlin (map)

We currently have two talks on our agenda:

  • "Multiediting"
    Since Sublime Text became popular, a lot of people have been trying to replicate its "multiple cursors" functionality in Vim. Fortunately for us Vim-users, our editor doesn't really need this, since we have built-in ways to achieve pretty much the same results. Still, I believe the multi-edit plugins have some interesting properties and I want to demonstrate them and some of their benefits and drawbacks. I'll also talk about :substitute, :global and the dot mapping and share some tips and tricks that make them a simple alternative to multiple cursors. I'll finish up with demos of some of my own hacky experiments on this topic.
    Andrew Radev
  • "Architecture of my Vim environment"
    Matthias Günther
  • "Mercury plugin: execute any fragment of code directly from vim"
    Niels Madan

You can find this event under lanyrd.

If you want to add something, have any questions, or want to propose your talk, please feel free to post a short message to the mailing list.


Thanks to LAUNCH/CO for hosting the event.

Matthias Günther


After a four month break it was great to see so many new faces and that our community is growing slowly.

We recorded two of the three talks:

"Multiediting" (@andrewradev) from wikimatze on Vimeo.

Mercury plugin: execute any fragment of code directly from vim (@nielsmadan) from wikimatze on Vimeo.

Matthias Günther