January 2014 Meetup

Time: Thursday, Jan 23, 2014, 7 PM
Location: GanzOben Office at Betahaus (Travis CI office, 5Apps, Avarteq, Cileos) 5th floor (detailed information how to get there) , Prinzessinnenstr. 20 , 10969 Berlin, Kreuzberg (map)

Happy new year and we start again with our monthly meetups in 2014.


If you want to give a talk too, send us a tweet or a mail.

Matthias Günther


Vim News

This is a new part in our meetup. Andrew will talk about the latest things happening in our Vim community like stuff posted in reddit, discussions on the mailing list, some new plugin or new mapping that someone tweeted. If we get positive feedback about this idea, we make will make this a daily habbit to every following meetup.




Vim mailing list:

Matthias Günther