January 2013 Meetup

Time: Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013, 8 PM
Location: LAUNCH/CO 3rd floor , Warschauer Str. 70A , 10243 Berlin (map)

We currently have three talks on our agenda:

  • "Vimify your life - How to use your desktop as if it would be Vim"
    Johannes Kulick
  • "Vimgolf - The number 4 of the Vimgolf list will talk vimgolf"
    Federico Galassi
  • "REPL in Vim - A livecoding session with the vim-slime plugin"
    Matthias Günther

If you want to add something, have any questions, or want to propose your talk, please feel free to post a short message to the mailing list.


Thanks to LAUNCH/CO for hosting the event.

Matthias Günther


We were around sixteen people this time from over four different countries. Apparently, the first talk by Johannes Kulick about using your desktop as if it would be Vim wasn’t held because Johannes was there.

Matthias presented his talk about using vim-slime plugin and we gave him a big Vim-Hug for Jonathan, the inventor of the plugin. You can find the slides on speakerdeck.

After presenting the “vim-slime”, Niels Madan) explained a plugin he is going to install as a replacement of the vim slime plugin. It is still in development but you can find a video here:

A “vim-slime” inspired plugin by Niels Madan (@nielsmadan) from wikimatze on Vimeo.

Our last talk was by held by Federico Galassi. He was talking about using Vimgolf and why he doesn’t do it any longer. You can watch the following video

Playing Vimgolf by Federico Galassi (@federicogalassi) from wikimatze on Vimeo.

Matthias Günther