February 2016 Meetup

Time: Starts 18 February 7:00 pm
Location: Individual Network Berlin e.V. , Lehrter Str. 53 , 10557 Berlin (map)

Hi vimmers!

The next vimberlin meetup will be on 3rd thursday in February, on Feb 18th - again at IN-Berlin in Moabit/Tiergarten/Mitte, just north of Hauptbahnhof between the bus stops "Quitzowstraße" (Bus 123, M27) and "Kruppstraße" (Bus 123).

Talks so far

This time the topic is:

The venue

  • internet: yes. cable+wifi
  • projector: 2 projectors. (VGA+HDMI)
  • room: 15 people
  • drinks: fridge with 23 drinks. 1€ each.

Bring your laptops - and join the fun! And show us your use with Vim! be brief.. 5min for each presentation. We are open to any kind of questions.

Your host will be Sven Guckes & Matthias Guenther (@wikimatze)

See you there!


@wikimatze (Matthias Günther)

  • wikimatze has adapted "mucks" in his fork and make it possible to run several tmux session at ones without using the sockets option
  • lervag/vimtex: A vim plugin that provides support for writing LaTeX. Nice toggling, nice support for various PDF viewer and continous building
  • clever-f.vim: Extended f, F, t, and T mappings - results will be highlighted and press the buttons again to repeat the search clever-f plugin neoyank
  • Shougo/neoyank.vim: add documentation for the action-append option
  • teamviewer.com/: is great when Mac machines forget their MiniDisplay-Port so that they can display their screen on the machine, which is connected to the beamer

George Crabtree

@oracle2025 (Richard Spindler)

Explains his desktop publishing tools/flow in Vim

Other tools

  • surf suckless: simple webbrowser able to display websites and follow links
  • devdocs.io: combines multiple API for locale documentation