April 2014 Meetup

Time: Starts 24 April 7:30 pm
Location: BerlinOnline 16th floor , Karl-Liebkecht-Str. 29 , 10178 Berlin (map)


  • "Go support for Vim" by Andrew Radev

    Go is an interesting language in many respects, and one of them is tooling. Unlike many other languages, Go attempts to ship with various tools for code parsing and rewriting, to make it feasible to use IDE-like functionality with any editor or IDE, simply by invoking tools on the command-line.

    I'd like to demonstrate my own fork of the Go Vim support, talk about what Google has provided and what kind of experiments I've done with it. I'll also show some interesting Go tools and how they can be integrated into Vim, like code completion, finding definitions, the "Go Oracle".

    Even if you don't know anything about Go, I hope it will turn into an interesting discussion about language support and tooling in general.

  • "Three new plugins I recently used and a handy bad-words-highlighting-function" by Matthias Günther

News and Discussions

  • timl - Tim Pope's Clojure like language which compiles down to VimL


  • Matthias
    • Difference between set exrc, and set secure
    • Autocompletion: difference between path and keyword completion
    • <C-n> | <C-p> ... Keyword autocompletion for next|previous matching
    • <C-x><C-n> ... current buffer keywords

If you want to give a talk too, send us a tweet or a mail.

Thanks to BerlinOnline for hosting this event.

Matthias Günther